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Basement Wall Crack Solutions: Seal, Repair, Protect

Cracking foundations are unfortunately a part of living in Michigan. Many areas in our state have what are called “expansive soils”. These are soils that expand when they get wet and contract when dry. This movement puts a large amount of stress on your foundation and can cause cracks to form. Other factors that can cause cracking are metal form ties that start to rust in the seams of your wall as well as increased loads where basement windows are present.


Historically, there was only a single option for a long lasting repair. This method is called high pressure epoxy injection. The crack is injected with an epoxy that fills the crack and stops the water. The problem with this method is that epoxy isn’t very flexible. Due to the expansive soils your walls will actually move slightly between the seasons. Over time this movement can cause the epoxy to lose its seal and start to leak again. We were frustrated with this and decided to engineer a better way.

Basement wall crack waterproofing


Our interior crack sealing uses a rubber based industrial coating product. We chose this product because of its flexible qualities, and excellent adhesion. We start by surface grinding the foundation wall to remove any debris and to open up the concrete pores (utilizing a dust management system, of course). After the foundation is clean we apply heat to ensure the area is completely dry. A prime penetrating coat is applied and allowed to cure. This coat can penetrate the foundation by up to a half inch which gives it a very strong adhesion. We then build up 3 more coats for a robust long lasting repair.

Included with every interior crack repair is a 10-year no hassle transferable warranty. As with all of our warranties, it is written directly to the home so no action is needed to transfer if you sell your house.

Basement wall crack waterproofing
Basement wall crack waterproofing
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